This is the encouraging story that took place a few days ago:

Last week we have started the new course for parents.  The last meeting was about the unconditional acceptance.

Every few days I do send to parents on the WhatsApp group something to encourage them to build relations with their children and pass them the faith.  This time I have sent this:  (I do love you as you are my child. There is no 'because’ or 'if” your mom/ dad)

and after a few minutes one of mums sent this (it says the same: I do love you as you are my child. There is no 'because’ or 'if” your mom)

and then wrote

„In a minute I will take it to my teenager. Thank you💛”

and after w while she wrote:

„I have passed the exam! She liked it and hung at the wall. Have a nice day.”

The other bigger picture in the background says: It is really easier to carry the lagguage together. And often I do not have to know what is inside. I still want to help you. Mum.

The topic of unconditional acceptance is very crucial. It is important, because then it is easier for the children to listen about God, who accepts us unconditionally!

Thank you for helping parents to show unconditional acceptance to their children!